Assignment: Facilitating a cultural workshop for approx. 60 leaders from two merging organisations with the purpose of gaining insight to each others cultures and what to harness going forward in becoming a successful business.

How: The workshop was conducted via a facilitated structured approach, addressing cultural behaviours in each organisation combined with high participant involvement, actively being curious about each another.

Outcome: Increased insight, trust and understanding of each other and a clear and common view on strength to build on and differences to be aware of going forward. A room of 60 leaders is never an easy one to engage and manage but you could feel the strong energy and enthusiasm in the room and discussions continued long after the session had concluded. It was a hugely powerful way of demonstrating the cultural synergy and differences and enabled extremely positive discussion about how the collective strengths of both organisation’s could be harnessed.

Max Joy, President and Hayley Bruce, HR Director, Sweco UK & MLM Group