Leadership Evaluation – Senior Leaders

Assignment: Assessing senior leaders for future development or fit for open senior position in eight northern European countries.

How: Based on close cooperation with country senior management Ulrik conducted more than 40 structured competencies assessment of senior leaders based on past and current performance, and future potential.

Outcome: Qualified and efficient evaluation of individuals ensuring strong basis for selection or development of senior leaders.

Mikael Landberg, CHRO, Sweco Group

Defining Leadership

Assignment: Clarify and define leadership in the organisation so leadership supports the company’s vision, values, operating model and customer approach.

How: Leading cross-border project team and through on-going discussions with Executive Team the assignment was delivered through a structured approach clarifying the most relevant leadership competencies and behaviours supporting the core fundamentals of the company.

Outcome: Common leadership was agreed and expressed in tangible behavioural terms to be used when recruiting/selecting new leaders, performance review, leadership assessment and development.

An EU-based organisation

Global Performance & Talent Approach

Assignment: Simplify and ensuring active performance and talent approach supported by a new IT system.

How: Setting up and leading project team with a number of country Performance & Talent specialists and Global IT. Facilitating project team in creating updated and modern processes and not least on how to have full effect in the organisation.

Outcome: An easy to use and relevant Performance & Talent approach improving both business and people performance.

Global Professional Service Organisation

Talent Assessment & Development

Assignment: Assessing and selecting potential candidates for future senior leadership positions and mapping most critical development areas.

How: Structured individual assessment based on past performance and experiences, present performance and competencies and future potential, including psychometric assessments and outside-in perspectives on the candidate.

Outcome: Solid and fact-based assessment report for each candidate as foundation for future development to become a real candidate for a senior leadership role.

”Ulrik’s ability to build rapport and his perceptiveness contributed to a great experience for our candidates not only during the assessments but also served as great insights and sparring for our employees long term development.”

Madeleine Ljungberg, Head of Learning & Development, Sweco Group