Organisational Consulting & Development

Assignment: Designing structure for organisation review for the board, clarifying organisational behaviours be able living the values and delivering the the strategies in daily life. Finally, supporting leaders in activating the behaviours in the organisation.

How: A number of facilitated structured workshops with respectively the management team, all members of the organisation and with the leaders.

Outcome: Clarity and activation of behaviours closely aligned with values and strategy. Members of organisation have been involved and are committed to the behaviours which have been the basis for real effect and change to happen.

Eva Kruse, CEO and Travis People, COO, Global Fashion Agenda, Denmark

Leadership Evaluation – Senior Leaders

Assignment: Assessing senior leaders for future development or fit for open senior position in eight northern European countries.

How: Based on close cooperation with country senior management Ulrik conducted more than 40 structured competencies assessment of senior leaders based on past and current performance, and future potential.

Outcome: Qualified and efficient evaluation of individuals ensuring strong basis for selection or development of senior leaders.

Mikael Landberg, CHRO, Sweco Group

Leadership Coaching

Assignment: Strengthening and developing leadership role with focus on managing diverse relationships and strategic approach.

How: Five face-to-face coaching sessions were conducted addressing leadership topics and challenges related the assignment. Each session included room for curiosity, insight, perspective and reflection all in relation to the topic of the session; each session ending with what to focus on going forward.

Outcome: Increased clarity on own leadership role, new insight and ideas on challenges and tangible actions improving living the leadership role. In working with Ulrik, I was particularly impressed by how quickly he was able to understand the relevant context and potential challenges and to make to-the-point observations.

Lise Ladegaard, Head of Group Legal Capital Markets and M&A, GN Store Nord A/S

M&A Integration within People & Organisation

Assignment: Contributing to successful People & Organisational integration of acquired 100 people business into +1.000 people organisation.

How: Overall project lead for People & Organisational workstream, driving change management and one-to-one support for key-people in the integration.

Outcome: Structured set-up for handling People & Organisation aspects combined with effective support on ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ aspect for leaders driving the integration.

Two knowledge organisations, Denmark

Defining Leadership

Assignment: Clarify and define leadership in the organisation so leadership supports the company’s vision, values, operating model and customer approach.

How: Leading cross-border project team and through on-going discussions with Executive Team the assignment was delivered through a structured approach clarifying the most relevant leadership competencies and behaviours supporting the core fundamentals of the company.

Outcome: Common leadership was agreed and expressed in tangible behavioural terms to be used when recruiting/selecting new leaders, performance review, leadership assessment and development.

An EU-based organisation

Global Performance & Talent Approach

Assignment: Simplify and ensuring active performance and talent approach supported by a new IT system.

How: Setting up and leading project team with a number of country Performance & Talent specialists and Global IT. Facilitating project team in creating updated and modern processes and not least on how to have full effect in the organisation.

Outcome: An easy to use and relevant Performance & Talent approach improving both business and people performance.

Global Professional Service Organisation

Cultural Integration Workshop

Assignment: Facilitating a cultural workshop for approx. 60 leaders from two merging organisations with the purpose of gaining insight to each others cultures and what to harness going forward in becoming a successful business.

How: The workshop was conducted via a facilitated structured approach, addressing cultural behaviours in each organisation combined with high participant involvement, actively being curious about each another.

Outcome: Increased insight, trust and understanding of each other and a clear and common view on strength to build on and differences to be aware of going forward. A room of 60 leaders is never an easy one to engage and manage but you could feel the strong energy and enthusiasm in the room and discussions continued long after the session had concluded. It was a hugely powerful way of demonstrating the cultural synergy and differences and enabled extremely positive discussion about how the collective strengths of both organisation’s could be harnessed.

Max Joy, President and Hayley Bruce, HR Director, Sweco UK & MLM Group

Talent Assessment & Development

Assignment: Assessing and selecting potential candidates for future senior leadership positions and mapping most critical development areas.

How: Structured individual assessment based on past performance and experiences, present performance and competencies and future potential, including psychometric assessments and outside-in perspectives on the candidate.

Outcome: Solid and fact-based assessment report for each candidate as foundation for future development to become a real candidate for a senior leadership role.

”Ulrik’s ability to build rapport and his perceptiveness contributed to a great experience for our candidates not only during the assessments but also served as great insights and sparring for our employees long term development.”

Madeleine Ljungberg, Head of Learning & Development, Sweco Group